FAI and Freespace Drone Racing in New Three-Year Drone Sports Agreement

FAI and Australian giant drone racing team Freespace Drone Racing have agreed to extend their coordinated efforts in the development of drone racing as a global sport.

The two organisations have signed a memorandum of understanding that recognises the significant progress made by each party and outlines a three-year plan to integrate two giant drone classes into the FAI drone racing calendar.

Building a sustainable future for drone racing requires new pilots and fans. And this generation of sports fans are asking for exciting, short, evenly matched races held in quick succession, with loads of statistics and data to enhance the experience.

Freespace Drone Racing has made considerable technological progress in the development of giant drones designed to entertain the next generation of air sport fans.

The advances made include designing aircraft that can carry high definition camera systems, deliver real time telemetry, and offer advanced safety features such as stabilise, loiter, and “black box” recording, yet still accelerate from 0 to 100kph in less than 1 second.

FAI, meanwhile, has been working hard organising and promoting drone racing competitions and events around the world.

These include the FAI Drone Racing World Cup, now in its third year, the brand new 2018 FAI World Drone Racing Championships, taking in place in Shenzhen, China from 1 to 4 November, and the 2018 FAI International Drones Conference & Expo.

The next stop on the epic FAI Drone Racing World Cup 2018 calendar is the 2018 Barcelona Drone Racing F3U World Cup, being held in Barcelona, Spain on July 21 and 22.

Grantley Reed, Managing Director of Freespace Drone Racing, will be among the speakers at the FAI International Drones Conference & Expo, taking place in Lausanne, Switzerland from August 31 to September 2, 2018.

Freespace Drone Racing Announces Helion As FS500 Team Sponsor

Freespace Drone Racing is excited to welcome Helion as a team sponsor for the FAI 2018 Barcelona Drone Racing World Cup

The Freespace team are proud to announce our partnership with Domenec Molins and the Helion Group.

Just as we are pushing the boundaries with our Giant Drone Racing platform, Helion are the market leaders in the development of powder metallurgy, solid carbide and innovative coating technologies for high-quality cutting tools.

Helion is a global company servicing the machining industry across multiple sectors, their precision tooling is widely used in the Aerospace sector which is a perfect fit for Freespace and our high spec. Giant Racing Drones.

Helion is embedding their brand in the future of racing and becoming an integral part of something their customers will love.

Helion will be an FS500 team sponsor at our upcoming FAI 2018 Barcelona Drone Racing World Cup as well as the Feeespace Drone Racing official tool supplier for 2019. This will include the official launch of the FS1 at the Avalon International Airshow in February as well as the FAI FS500 Global World Series.

We are excited about this new partnership and the collective benefits it will bring both our organisations

Freespace Drone Racing visit South Korea for IDSC

The Freespace team headed to Yeongwol, Gangwon-do, South Korea for the 2017 International Drone Conference and first International Drone Sports Race put on by the newly formed DSI. 

More to come shortly.