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The only drone racing organisation sanctioned by the The World Air Sport Federation ( FAI ), we are creating a new global sport to meet the needs of future generations of sports fans.

Having been involved in drone racing since 2013, the Freespace team has extensive experience in engineering, operations, safety systems, rules and regulations and media and entertainment.

Our engineering team, Led by Dr. Leonard Hall, has a wide background in the area of drone technology, including antennas, integrated circuits, signal processing, RF systems and the optimisation of UAV control systems and tuning.

We design and build world leading giant racing drones from 500mm up to 1.3m in diameter, almost 10 times bigger than current racing drones. This scale gives the aircraft the size, speed, power and sound to not only captivate audiences at an event, but be fitted with the latest technology and equipment needed to broadcast live drone racing events. 

We combine that with the safest, most comprehensive racing framework that has been developed, using aviation standards, in co-operation with the FAI and global industry regulators, creating the most exciting drone racing platform available.

Our goal is to redefine the global phenomena of drone racing through encapsulating elements of gaming, eSports, AR, VR and physically flying to totally innovate the digital sports experience.

Drone racing is one of the fastest growing sports across the globe. One of the first truly 21st-century sports, it combines elements of eSports, virtual reality, augmented reality and real live racing. With exponential advancements in battery power and digital technology, Freespace Drone Racing is excited to be at the forefront of a new age in sports entertainment.

Australian Team


Grantley Reed

Managing Director

Grantley has over 19 years’ experience in aviation and held management positions across National Operational Standards, Program Operations and Business Systems for Customer Service.


Dr. Leonard Hall

C.T.O and Chairman

Leonard designed and builds the FS500 and FS1 and is the lead control developer of Ardupilot, one of the most popular Autopilots in the world, flying on over half a million aircraft globally.


Chris Ballard

Director - Racing

Chris has over 5 years experience in the drone industry, having started his career as the Director of Sales with Porta-Quad, at the time the world’s smallest fully autonomous capable multi rotor frame.


Ken King

Director - Racing

Ken is the Director of Engineering at Freespace Solutions Drones and the Managing Director of ‘eirobotix’ a specialist aerial platform service provider.


Dave Heavyside

Director - Media & Communication

Dave has over 10 years experience in media, specialising in design and strategy for national and international brands primarily in action sports and events.

Barcelona Team


Roger Ferrer

Director - Events & Operations

Magi Baselega


Marc Bernadich



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