Dr. Leonard HallChief Technology Officer

Leonard is responsible for the design and manufacture of the FS500 and FS1. Leonard is the lead control developer of Ardupilot, one of the most popular Autopilots in the world and currently flying on over half a million aircraft globally.

Leonard is responsible for many core pieces of Ardupilot’s multicopter code including critical parts of the attitude, navigation and motor control libraries. He also developed the multicopter “AutoTune” feature and is generally considered the expert in tuning Ardupilot’s multicopter vehicles.

He was responsible for developing the ideal tune for many of 3DR’s vehicles including the IRIS, Y6, X8, Spectre and Solo. He also developed the Ardupilot tune for the Bebop1, Bebop2, and SkyViper. Leonard has provided mechanical design review for a large number of commercial and defence multirotor aircraft.

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