• Grantley Reed Managing Director

    Grantley has over 19 years’ experience in aviation and held management positions across National Operational Standards, Program Operations and Business Systems for Customer Service.

  • Dr. Leonard Hall Chief Technology Officer

    Leonard designed and builds the FS500 and FS1. Leonard is the lead control developer of Ardupilot, one of the most popular Autopilots in the world, flying on over half a million aircraft globally.

  • Chris Ballard Director - Racing

    Chris has over 5 years experience in the drone industry, having started his career as the Director of Sales with Porta-Quad, at the time the world’s smallest fully autonomous capable multi rotor frame.


  • Ken King Director of Engineering

    Ken is the Director of Engineering at Freespace Solutions Drones and the Managing Director of ‘eirobotix’ a specialist aerial platform service provider.

  • Dave Heavyside Director - Media and Communication

    Dave has over 10 years experience in media, specialising in design and strategy for national and international brands primarily in action sports and events.

  • Roger Ferrer Director - Events & Operations
  • Magi Baselega Events - Logistics Manager
  • Marc Bernadich Events - Business Manager
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