Drone Racing. Redefined.
Freespace Drone Racing
Developing world class giant drone racing solutions
“I am torn between thinking this giant drone racing idea is work of genius or lunacy.”
- Gary Mortimer, sUAS News

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Developing world class platforms for giant drone racing, driven by technology.

With over 40 years combined experience in UAV engineering, aviation safety and operations and drone racing, the Freespace team are excited to be at the forefront of the fastest growing sport in the world.


Racing Drones, Redefined.

Racing drones are in our DNA. We are working closely with industry leaders to develop the worlds best giant racing drones. With a focus on safety and engineering, we are also working with regulatory organisations globally on developing the frameworks for future giant drone racing events.


The FS500 Class racing drones are 500mm in diameter, will reach a top speed of over 120kph. As seen at a number of events, They provide a new platform for HD broadcasting of drone racing.


The FS1 is a 30kg, 1.2m Giant Racing Drone that is currently in development. Having successfully tested the V1.0 prototype at speeds of up to 160kph, V2.0 is current in development stage.

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